The RESTORE project participated at the NET-Fuels Workshop in Leitat!

The EU project “NET-Fuels” organized a  1st Stakeholder Community Workshop in Leitat, Spain, on November 9, 2023. This event aimed to discuss the renewable fuels und energy with related EU projects.
Erhard Perz from SimTech was one of the five stakeholders invited to present at this workshop. He presented on  “Simulation of virtual use-cases for the research project RESTORE using the web-based process simulation platform IPSE GO“.

The other stakeholders presented on:

• Antonio Sánchez / Cluster Bioenergia Catalunya: “Biofuels and derivatives projects in the current Oil & Gas industry.”
• Alejandra Cordova / CETAQUA:SEMPRE-BIO, new cost-effective solutions to produce Biomethane.”
• Odei Goñi / ENGIE Spain: ” The REGENERA project: development of hybrid energy storage technologies and predictive models to transform industries into decentralized points for renewable energy management.”
• Luis Rafael Lopez / University of Girona: “Indoor CO2 as renewable carbon source: Coupling indoor CO2 direct air capture to microbial electrosynthesis technologies.”

Many thanks to the NET-Fuels consortium for organizing the workshop and to all participants for the fruitful discussions!