On March 19, 2023, the first webinar of the RESTORE project “RESTORE Overall Concept, Thermochemical Energy Storage (TCES) and the reversible Organic Rankine Cycle (rORC)” took place.

The esteemed speakers of this webinar were:

  • Francisco C. Nuñez (Fundación CENER): RESTORE objectives & overall concept
  • Prof. Andreas Werner (TU Wien): Thermochemical Energy Storage – 1st key technology
  • Marco Astolfi, Ph.D. & Dario Alfani, Ph.D. (Politecnico di Milano): reversible Organic Rankine Cycle – 2nd key technology

The project coordinator,Francisco C. Nuñez, offered an insightful overview of the RESTORE concept. He delved into how the combination of two innovative technologies—Thermochemical Energy Storage (TCES) and the reversible Organic Rankine Cycle (rORC)—facilitates the integration of various Renewable Energy Sources (RES) into District Heating and Cooling (DHC) networks, and thereby significantly enhance their environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, this webinar focused on new scientific findings regarding the key technologies. Since the start of the RESTORE project, the TCES and rORC technology have been researched extensively by the RESTORE partners TU Wien and Politecnico di Milano. In this webinar, Prof. Andreas Werner  from TU Wien presented the development of a lab-scale TCES demonstrator and Marco Astolfi  and Dario Alfani, both from Politecnico di Milan, shared their latest research findings on simulation-based fluid selection for rORC.

You can watch the recording of the webinar here.


Francisco C. Nuñez (Fundación CENER) presenting on RESTORE overall concept